10 –12 June 2019, Dundee, Scotland

Call for Papers
EUROCOALASH2019 is an international conference concerned with the use of Coal Combustion Products (CCPs) intheconstruction industry in Europe.
The conference takes place every two years, moving between different countries. In 2019 it will be hosted by the Concrete Technology Unit, University of Dundee, Scotland, UK.
The challenges facing the production and use of CCPs continue. Coal combustion technologyis changing, while powers tations area lsogradually be ingta kenout of service. The impact of the sewill affectthematerialsandtheirsupply,withlikelyincreasesininternationaltradeandpotentialforrecovery/beneficiationfromlong-termdeposits.
Development swith CCPs inexisting and novel applications, which look to exploittheir technical and environmental benefits are on-going. Similarly, Standards and Regulations are being updated in support of the iruse in various aspects of construction.
The 2019 Conference will bring together participants from industry, research and academic backgrounds to consider these and other issues.
The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Topics of Interest

Production and New Technology
Sourcing and Logistics
High Lime Fly Ash
Lightweight Aggregates
Concrete and Concrete Products
– International Trade
Recovery and Processing
Durability and Test Methodologies
Cl, SO3, CO2, Freeze/thaw
Low Carbon Concrete + Sustainability
Management of Stockpiles and Ponds
Drying, Carbon Removal
Air-classifying, Grinding
– High Fly Ash Content Concrete
Rheology and Early Age Behaviour
– Use as Cement or Filler
– Precast Concrete
– Non-structural Precast Units
Developments in Standards and Regulations
Filler/Structural Fill
– Grouts
Geopolymers and AACMs
Co-combustion Ash
Biomass Ash
Proprietary Mixes
House Building
Ternary Blends
Admixtures and Fibres

Important Dates
1 October 2018 Call for Papersopens (Abstracts)
20 December 2018 Deadline for Abstracts
11 January 2019 Acceptance Notification of Abstracts
1 March 2019 Deadline for Submission of Draft Papers
15 March 2019 Commentson Draft Papers to Authors
26 April 2019 Submission of Final Papers
1 June 2019 Last Registration/Payment for Authors

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