About us

The Asociación Argentina de Tecnología del Hormigón is a non-profit Association that brings together individuals and legal entities interested in the study, progress and development of Concrete Technology.



To provide a suitable framework for studies in the field of Concrete Technology. To disclose the advances in this discipline within the technical community that interested in applying the results of research in the field. In short, to disseminate knowledge for the proper use of concrete.


President: Eng. FORNASIER, Gastón ( Period 2021-2023)

Vice President:  Dr. Eng.  SOSA,  María Eva  (Period 2022-2024)
Secretary: Eng. STUMPF, Pablo Gustavo Agustín (Period 2022-2024)
Recording Secretary: Dr. Eng. ZEGA, Claudio Javier  (Period 2021-2023)
Treasurer: Dr. Eng. RAHHAL, Viviana (Period 2021-2023)
Pro Treasurer:  Eng.  CALO, Diego  (Period 2022-2024)
1st Voting Member: Dr. Eng. PRIANO, Carla  (Period 2021-2023)
2nd Voting Member: Eng. ROSSETTI, Agustín (Period 2022-2024)
3rd Voting Member:  Eng. RAUTENBERG, Dayana (Period 2021-2023)
4th Voting Member: Eng. BENITEZ, Graciela Alejandra (Period 2022-2024)
1st Substitute Voting Member: Eng. ORLANDO, Sebastián (Period 2022-2024)
2nd Substitute Voting Member: Eng. BALZAMO, Humberto Marcelo (Period 2021-2023)
1st Auditor: Dr. Eng. POSITIERI, María Josefina  (Period 2022-2023)
2nd Auditor: Eng. ESPELET, Alejandra (Period 2022-2023)



Internal Commissions


Editorial Director: Dr. Eng. Carlos Milanesi

Executive Editor: Dra. Silvina Marfil

Frequency: Bimonthly



The commission is integrated by:

Eng. Raúl López, Eng. Humberto Bálzamo, Eng. Gastón Fornasier, Eng. Fernando Perrone



The commission is integrated by:

Dr. Oscar Cabrera, Dr. Eng. Claudio Zega, Eng. Pablo Stumpf, Dra. Eng. María Eva Sosa



Director: Dr. Eng. Celeste Torrijos

Editorial Team:

Dr. Eng. Viviana Rahhal

Dr. Francisco Locati



The commission is integrated by:

Dr. Eng. Raúl Zerbino, Eng. Maria Fernanda Carrasco, MSc. Adriana García, Dr. Eng. María Josefina Positieri