Congresses: Previous editions

There has been more than twenty Technical Meetings (RT) of AATH. In addition to that, AATH has organized six International Congresses, a Mercosur Seminar on Concrete Technology in Housing, and an International fib Symposium on “Structural Concrete and Time”.

During these events, R&D on all the topics related to Concrete Technology were presented: Studies on the physical and chemical aspects related to the performance of concrete and its constituents; new concrete types; design and development of testing methods for the characteristics and quality control of concrete; causes of premature obsolescence of concrete structures; and descriptions of the design and construction of large works and the new construction techniques used.

1st RT, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 28-29 November 1975.

2nd RT, Carlos Paz, Córdoba, Argentina, 22-25 September 1976.

3rd RT, Concordia, Entre Ríos, Argentina, 6-12 November 1977.

4th RT “Eng. Agustín Castiarena”, Mendoza, Argentina, 27-30 October 1979.

5th RT “Eng. Arturo M. Guzmán”, La Plata, Argentina, 27-30 October 1982.

6th RT, Bahía Blanca, Argentina, 28 November to 1 December 1984.

7th RT, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 7-11 October 1985.

8th RT, Carlos Paz, Córdoba, Argentina, 28-31 October 1987.

9th RT “Eng. Simon A. Delpech”, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 31 October to 3 November 1989.

10th RT “Ing. Juan F. Garcia Balado”, Olavarria, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 16-18 October 1991.

11th RT, Córdoba, Argentina, 12-16 July 1993.

12th RT “Dra. Haydeé V. Armándola”, La Plata, Argentina, 7-9 June 1995.

First Mercosur Seminar on Concrete Technology in Housing, Santa Fé, Argentina, 28-29 August 1997.

1st International Congress on Concrete Technology, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1-4 June 1998.

14th RT Olavarría, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 24-26 October 2001.

15th RT “Eng. Marcelo Wainstein”, Santa Fé, Argentina, 21-24 October 2003.

fib International Symposium “Structural Concrete and Time”, La Plata, Argentina. 28-30 September 2005, jointly with AAHES and LEMIT.

16th RT “Prof. Agrim. Antonino Bonforte”, Mendoza, Argentina, 8-10 November 2006.

17th RT “Eng. José Fermin Colina”, Córdoba, Argentina, 29-31 October 2008.

18th RT, Mar del Plata, Argentina, 8-10 November 2010.

19th RT “Eng. Oscar R. Batic”, Bahía Blanca, Argentina, 7-9 November 2012.

20th RT “Eng. Alberto S.C. Fava”, Concordia, Argentina, 22-24 October 2014.

21st RT “Eng. Nélida del Valle Castría”, Salta, Argentina, 28-30 September 2016

22nd RT “In the centenary of the first delivery of Portland cement”, Olavarría, Argentina, 28-30 September 2018

23rd RT “73 years after the First International Conference in Argentina”, AATH 2020, La Plata, Argentina, 2-6 November 2020 (Online event)


The 24th RT “Ingeniera Eugenia VALIENTE”, AATH 2022, will be held in Buenos Aires, from October 31 to November 4, 2022.